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Pricing & FAQs

Find here a list of our most frequently asked questions. If your question does not appear here, or if you would like more information, feel free to contact us with any questions. We can accommodate anything and everything you can dream of and have done many fun and unique things with our cars.  I’m happy to discuss your specific situation and add my thoughts and expertise to help create your ultimate experience


The daily price you see on Turo/Vinty or elsewhere is per day for a 2-day rental minimum.  We always can accommodate a 1-day or shorter event rental, the pricing will be very similar to the 2-day price (example: Mustang is $375/day 2-day minimum, the event rental will be between $700/$750 depending on location etc.)



We can deliver anywhere. Pricing depends on the distance we are going, how long we wait to bring the car back, and whether we bring back the same day or come back several days later. Delivery can easily be more than the cost of the rental. I price your delivery out with at least 3 private shipping companies that I use exclusively, carry insurance and I know the driver who is coming to get the car.  I don’t use national companies where I cannot be in control and trust that the vehicle will be there earlier than the time you request it.  That comes at a premium, but I’ll price them out and choose the least expensive option for you.


Chauffer Service

Upon request, we can offer a driver or chauffeur service.  It is something we do not typically do; however, if we can accommodate this, we are happy to provide it for you. Most drivers are $100/hour from the time they leave their home until they return. All of the cars are meant to be driven, and I think they make perfect “getaway” cars so you won’t feel awkward driving yourself from your event.


Driving Age Requirements

To book through TURO and drive a car, you must be 30 at the time of booking (even if you will be 30 by the time of the actual rental, they will not allow you to book until then).  We have ways to navigate around that, but I typically recommend having a parent or friend who is over 30 complete the booking and then change/cancel or add yourself as a driver at the time you turn 30.  I have another company that will be online shortly that allows drivers to be 25.



For short drives from events, if you choose to self-insure, we can make that accommodation for you with the appropriate documentation.


Multiple Drivers

Yes, with TURO, you can add multiple drivers and if you want to keep it a surprise, we can absolutely wait until the rental to make this happen.

Get in Touch

Feel free to reach out with any further questions, either by filling out the form to the right, or contacting us directly.

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